CAFE EGG – leads the TOP of drinks that CANNOT MISS

ca phe trung

CAFE EGG – leads the TOP of drinks that CANNOT MISS

Egg coffee has long been an attractive drink for both Vietnamese and tourists. Egg coffee is not only delicious but also very eye-catching. Egg foam mixed with coffee creates an attractive iridescent golden brown. Each coffee bean, though filtered through filter, when pouring with spiked eggs creates tiny particles into unique pattern lines.

ca phe trung

It is true that with human creativity, there are things that seem impossible to combine. However, when combined together, it creates unexpected things. Indeed, when not tested, it is impossible to know how to create such perfect combinations

Many people who drink and drink have wondered how to blend the taste of eggs and the bitterness of coffee together. But when you enjoy it, even if you are a difficult guest, you will be conquered. You absolutely will be addicted to this drink from taste, smell to sight. Not surprisingly, a perfect cup of egg from outside and inside. Many tourists who came to Vietnam had to say, “Wow, it’s great.”

Each person’s taste is different

Each person when drinking coffee has a different taste. People thought it was a bit like ice-cream coffee, who thought it had a bit of latte or cappuccino but not bland but more bold.

People still find the strength of coffee but before reaching the bitter aftertaste class, the whole throat was filled with the sweet, soft, sweet fat of eggs, butter, sugar, milk. Before coming to bitterness, you will be sublimated by romantic sweetness. It is true that a cup of coffee gives people so much emotion. So we are very addicted to this drink.

Hot egg coffee, slightly rising steam makes us irresistible. If you like a little cold, you can also give a few to go. But the most common is still egg coffee.


The taste of coffee depends on the bartender

The taste of coffee depends a lot on the rate of preparation. Most of the coffee shops in Hanoi share a basic concoction formula. Chosen from the best chicken eggs, the egg yolk is whipped with an egg whisk. Then, add a mixture of butter, milk and white sugar to create an aromatic fat. Black coffee is prepared in the filter with a concentrated concentration. When guests need it, the bartender will heat the black coffee and pour it directly into the beaten egg cup. Depending on the individual recipes of each shop, the proportion of ingredients will change, the temperature of making coffee. From there, the quality and flavor of the egg cafe each place a different.

So beautiful, so attractive, so the price of egg coffee is quite cheap, only about 20-25k / 1 cup. Because of the fat and easy to get bored of the background, this is not a daily drink. There are, in the culinary culture of Hanoi people today, people eat and drink often just enjoy the taste so egg coffee is still very popular, especially on cold winter days.

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