5 interesting movies that coffee lovers must watch!

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Not only because of the delicious taste, the effect makes the mind relaxed and alert, but when enjoying coffee, coffee lovers realize many life philosophies. Moreover, the cafe is also an ideal place for dating, discussing things, or simply confiding. So it’s no surprise that the cafe or cafe theme is the setting of quite a lot of interesting movies. Let’s find out with Duong cafe

Coffee lovers

1. Prince cafe movie (Korea, 2007)

The famous and interesting movie from 2007 still leaves a mark on the audience that people must watch. This is also one of Gong Yoo’s most successful films and the female lead Yoon Eun Hye.
The love story is both funny and romantic like a real-life fairy tale. One side is a poor girl who pretends to be a good boy with a rich guy who doesn’t believe in love.
The film’s content is not related to coffee but the film context is the “Prince” cafe. Audiences have the opportunity to admire the unique and beautiful cafe with beautiful cast. If you haven’t seen the movie, hurry up and find it!
Prince cafe (Korea, 2007)

2. A coffee to go movie (Korea, 2017)

Is the combination of the two popular names Park Shin Hye and Kim Soo Hyun enough for you to be curious about?
The film is about a famous movie star who seeks to run away from his pressures, rigors and frivolous life. He stumbled into a cafe and met the young, beautiful, enthusiastic staff. During the day she works at a cafe, at night writes scripts. She always strives and hopes in a bright future. This meeting helps the famous star find joy, optimism in life. Also find my love.
Once again, although the main topic is not coffee, the café space throughout the film is worth watching, right?
A coffee to go (Korea, 2017)

3. Coffee and Cigarettes – Strange to Meet You movie (Jim Jarmusch, 2003)

This is a short film collection with the same theme. Just stories revolving around coffee. The main color is black and white, it is also the black coffee color and white smoke. Every episode is a story about life. Characters play themselves or roles directed by directors, sit and drink coffee or smoke cigarettes.
Machine angle and narrow space, simple context, seemingly boring. But every episode has deep and different messages about life. Like coffee and cigarettes!
A movie worth watching!
Coffee and Cigarettes (Jim Jarmusch, 2003)

4. A Film About Coffee movie (Brandon Loper, 2014)

A lively documentary about coffee. The film is not only a simple language with information about coffee, but it also shows the connection between people and coffee. The story of coffee is seamless and interesting, not only how to enjoy coffee, but also about the things behind the passionate coffee cups. Going with the film, people not only discover the best cafes in the world but also the farms that grow those delicious coffee beans.
Duong cafe thinks those who love coffee and passion for coffee are a movie that cannot be missed.
A Film About Coffee (Brandon Loper, 2014)

5. See you there movie (Taiwan, 2016)

Another film set in a cafe. On a rainy night, after an accident, a girl stopped by the roadside cafe. The owner told her own story, about youth and unforgettable memories. This is a movie for dreamer. It is true, it reflects on life. So beautiful for a friendship, too much for a love, end to make people remember.
Although coffee is not the main theme of the film, the philosophies in the film are like a cup of black coffee without sugar. Just sweet and bitter, tried it, I can’t forget. Coffee is always a new topic but there is so much to say. Together with Duong cafe, see interesting movies related to the cafe!
coffee taiwan
See you there (Taiwan, 2016)

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