Bitter Cofee and I

ca phe dang va em

Bitter coffee in one afternoon of flying rain

Are you surprised to see a lonely girl by the bitter coffee cup? Don’t be too surprised because that person is me. Out there the rain flew with lonely winds. My heart tightened again, with nostalgia about you. That dark black is covering the heart of me – a fool. I spent my youth to love You. Seems like I will be happy, and will be together forever. No doubt, I now knew that this happiness was only left. You left, leaving me in the afternoon in the absence of rain.

Sitting silently, a deserted cafe, and alone

No longer You but still crying bitter coffee

The stems of white flowers are thin mYou, shed on the keys of the piano

Same as me, hasty sad draws the rain

ca phe mot minh
Coffee alone

Bitter Cafe is something only for lonely and strong people like me. Bitter Cafe has become a drink that followed me all those days. Black waves match the waves, small drops at the corner of the familiar restaurant, so it should be very strange. Bitter Cafe reminds me of yesterday, the day I don’t regret it. My love story is different from the bitter and bitter coffee on my lips, bitter in my heart. Filter cafe fell lightly but my cheek was also wet with rain.

The bitterness doesn’t go away forever

After all, there is still only one bitter taste. Why is the negative balance so bitter, so deep. Rain, only me, only bitter coffee. I like bitter coffee. He took a small sip and grinned. Although he loved me, he drank a little more, took a sip of coffee and a filter of water. I watched my heart and heart in my heart. I don’t have enough flavor like that filtered water, let go of me to find new things.

The old song I’ve heard many times

Loneliness heart missed you so much

Bitter coffee on my lips but bitter in my heart

Somehow I don’t cry and fade.

No more together, I gradually accepted. I also gave up the bitter taste. I’m afraid it will happen again. I also want to be sweet, soft, and gentle. But darling, why is it so hard? I’m not afraid to start over, but I’m afraid I’ll have to hurt again. I am only bitter coffee without sugar, only for those who enjoy, and dare to leave everything to learn about me. I can’t be anyone even if I change, it turns out to be pink or white. Anyway, I’m still just you. I’m still bitter coffee.

ca phe dang va em
Bitter coffee

Strong, thorny black cafe

Bitter black coffee without sugar. Just giving up is enough to say everything about my soul. No dream, no abundance, no emotion, I am just a child with a rough, thorny, strongness that always surrounds me as a defense, like an outer shell. You come to me as an experience, then leave them to find something that is easy to get.

Is it bitter to see you now in the arms of another girl, a bracelet that is supposed to be me? Is it bitter when happy right in front of me, then lose my heart in just a while waiting for coffee to fall?

Coffee waiting for a person

Bitter coffee flows drop by drop, slowly drop by drop. Simply because it’s like me. Though I will never hope for you to wait. There is a story I once read, it was a cafe waiting for a lifetime. Maybe it’s stupid, silly or something worse. Although I know it will not happen, but I remain faithful. I am coffee and I am stronger than ever, even if the person leaves me, I let go of my hand to hold the other hand but the nostalgia in me cannot be made. Although bitter, it’s hopeless but I’m always here and waiting for someone !!

Black coffee only tastes bitter, even if added sugar, milk … isn’t it?

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