4 basic principles when drinking coffee

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Many of us are addicted to coffee. Because of the passionate, aromatic flavor emanating from the hot cup of coffee. Love the bitterness of coffee, the “cockroach wing” color of pure coffee. Love is so, but do you “love” the right way? Love is not enough. Let Duong Cafe help you understand coffee cups through the basic principles below.

Principle of enjoying coffee

Principle 1: Do not reheat coffee

Remember, you should not heat up coffee. Because when reheating coffee its flavor will change and furthermore cause bitterness. As soon as the coffee cup is still hot, enjoy it. Make one-time coffee and just drink enough. Enjoy a hot sip of coffee with a wonderful feeling. Thus providing energy for an effective working day.

Life is probably like a cup of coffee. Reheat coffee like the way we remember the past. Live at the moment of reality but always in the past. What do we get after those times? The bitterness is like a cup of warmed coffee. It just brings us boredom, suffering even tormenting ourselves. Remember, something is old, and let go, live for the future. Don’t regret them because there is a fresh sky waiting for us to discover.

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Coffee for the first time

Principle 2: Make sure the coffee is fresh

Scientists have proven that coffee is only about 45 minutes. Remember that if coffee is used for a long time, it will be contaminated with bacteria and mold. Moreover, the microorganisms in the container as well as the air penetrate your coffee cup. Not only that, the strong bitter taste of coffee will be replaced by a sour taste if left over 2 days. So how to preserve coffee and mix it for as long as possible? You can store the brewed coffee and then pour it into a clean cup, cover the glass with the wrap, then put it in the refrigerator compartment. Thus, you will keep the delicious, pure taste of coffee for about 2 days.

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Coffee must always fresh

As soon as the cup is hot, enjoy it right away. At that time, we could feel the delicious taste of coffee, the fat and greasy taste of coconut milk coffee cup, or the sweet taste in the palate of dissolved coffee cups. If left too long, the coffee will turn sour, and acrid and appear milky. So enjoy it right after owning it.

coconut coffee min
Coconut coffee

Principle 3: Do not try to use coffee grounds to drink

Do not try to abuse coffee grounds to use the second phase. Because it only makes your coffee cup more bitter and has a burning smell because the coffee grounds have passed twice the temperature.

Coffee grounds are like love stories of people. There is a new love and then nostalgic nostalgia for old feelings, standing there looking at mountains. If you have accepted it to the next person, try to appreciate it. Don’t try to hold on or think about old people. If only living in the past we are creating the bitterness of our lives.

Principle 4: Make coffee with some milk or sugar

cappucino selber machen

Coffee addicts often love the bitter taste of coffee. However, black coffee can cause nervous stress. So add some sugar and milk to ensure the harmony between the taste. Thus, it is still guaranteed to not affect health. Each teaspoon of about 5 grams of sugar will not affect blood sugar. Remember that fast-absorbing caffeine causes too much acid to excrete in the stomach. This is the cause of the symptoms of impatience, and alcoholism. In this case, don’t forget to add some milk to the coffee cup to harmonize the taste.

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