Weasel coffee is the most expensive premium drinks in the world

Weasel coffee is the most expensive premium drinks in the world

  • From a drink of the farmers and considered the most heterogeneous, weasel coffee is now the most expensive drink in the world, worth thousands of dollars per kilogram.
  • Coffee has many different types, and each one has a different characteristic flavor. With this product, the value not only lies in the particularly delicious taste, but also in the process of extremely unique formation.
  • It is not natural that coffee connoisseurs value this drink as a high-end product, with such a high selling price.

What is weasel coffee?

This type of coffee appears in Indonesia, in Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java islands. Indigenous people call weasel coffee is Kopi Luwak, which means that a seed is released from weasel by eating coffee. In Indonesian words kopi means coffee. Luwak is the name of a region of Java Island, and is also the name of a native civet. When eating coffee beans, weasel will remove the outer shell, digest the flesh and release the seeds to the outside.

Many people said that coffee was very expensive before. Therefore, farmers who harvest coffee will not drink. They picked up weasel feces to eat coffee, then separated the seeds from the excrement, roasted them and processed them into their ordinary drink. Interestingly, the coffee beans are collected from the waste of the weasel, which the planters see as waste and filth, and have a very strange taste.

Dòng cà phê này xuất hiện nhiều ở Indonesia
This type of coffee appears much in Indonesia
  • From October of last year to January of next year, coffee beans will be in the ripe season. Knowing that, every night weasel sneaks into farms, picking the best ripe fruits to eat. With the sharp sense of the long nose, weasel sniffs and accurately identify ripe coffee berries, without aphids, no scratches or plastic clinging, not rotten.
  • That means weasels eat only the most delicious and stretched coffee. And it is these specialists of nature who act as testers for product quality right from the beginning. The amount of coffee that is ferried and eaten is not much. That is the reason why this coffee type is so rare
  • When eating, weasels remove the crust, and only swallow the flesh and seed. The flesh will be digested in the weasel stomach, while the seed which is covered with rice husk will be discharged and mixed in the feces. The special enzyme in the stomach of a weasel has penetrated into the coffee beans and created a taste change. After being roasted manually, coffee beans become less protein, harder and brittle.
Pha cà phê chồn
  • And when you enjoy, we will see that the bitterness of coffee is lower than usual. At the same time, the fragrance is stronger and more attractive than the regular coffee. It is the special enzyme of weasel and the special transformation that makes coffee smell and become unique. Many connoisseurs of coffee reviews, it is a blend of passionate burning chocolate, mixed with a little sour taste, with a taste of tobacco, a taste full of delusion.
  • It is the distillation right from the beginning, until the process of drunkenness to make delicious coffee products attractive, so the output of this product in the world every year is not much. Each year, a famous coffee company also produces only 200 to 300 kg of finished products. The scarcity and deliciousness makes this product costly, and becomes a premium drink, delving into all diners.

Delicious and strange taste

  • The taste of this coffee product is extremely delicious. It is a mild taste, not too bitter, but powerful and loyal enough to make diners enjoy. When sipping this cup of coffee, diners will feel the sweet and attractive taste in the throat.
  • Many connoisseurs of coffee appreciate, when drinking, we still feel a part of pure coffee, mixed with the fleshy, light-heartedly, sometimes a bit of chocolate delusion, and the taste of tobacco … It is true attractive and unique
  • Cà phê chồn Combo

Enjoying the original without ice, no milk, no sugar and little water is the most standard way. With this original way, will help diners feel the most distinct taste and aroma of this product type.

Early in the morning just wake up, or at times of fatigue, this special cup of coffee is the best thing. The sweet, elegant aroma stimulates your spirit, eliminating the feeling of fatigue and stimulating creativity. When drinking, diners will feel the sweet aroma of ripe fruit, then the smell of coffee mixed with malt and chocolate.

And when it is finished, the flavor will still linger, making it impossible for those who have tried it once. And there are many people who enjoy this coffee because of the premium.

Máy pha cà phê chồn công nghệ hiện đại
Modern technological weasel coffee machine

Weasel coffee is one of the quintessence of culinary culture, and it’s great to enjoy this cup of coffee. Come to our company to visit and admire and choose the most prestigious and quality coffee products.

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